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Wild Hog Hunting

Wild Hog Hunting on our 6,000 plus acre property has been setup as an old style hunt camp with bunk house, eating cabin, processing cabin and the new saloon for your after-hours pleasure. As wild hog roam freely and breed rapidly across our landscape you have tons of opportunities. Never knowing what may be bedded close to your stand or if a monster hog happens to be cruising for a bride, heck a large sounder/pack of 20-30 head may come into a feeder, one just never knows what is in store on a wild hog hunting trip at Florida Wildlife Adventure. There is something about a wild hog hunt knowing that really no matter the size they are all trophies.

Wild hog hunting with bow and arrow is a great way to stay sharp for the deer season, put meat in your freezer and seek out that trophy of a lifetime. You can hunt wild hog the same way as deer but the closer the better stands true even more for a wild hog. A very weary guy is the trophy wild hog, living most of his life in the cover of darkness even from birth you really have your work cut out for you especially if you are not using bait. Some of the best setups for trophy wild hog are close to the transitions from water to dry land. Always looking for the rubs on trees to show you their prime travel direction will make a big difference in how you setup and how successful you will be.

Wild hog hunting with a rifle will afford you a better chance at success because of the distances you can shoot and the amount of rapid shots you can get off. Wild hogs are tough so be sure you have the right equipment to take down any size wild hog you may run into. In Florida the best ranges to zero your rifle are 25 yards when still hunting and 50 yards when in a tree from a stand. At a 25 yard zero you will be good from 10 yards to 125 yards depending on the caliber. You want this for those close shots while still hunting. Your 50 yard zero for wild hog hunting will usually give you great shots from 50 yards to 200 yards and beyond.

A wild hog after being hit with a miss placed shot can run for a very long distance. Being wide open your tracking adventure may just be beginning. To prevent the loss, or I should say cut down on your loss’s place your round directly into a wild hogs shoulder half way up the body. The wild hog’s vitals are tucked under his shoulder and unless a quartering away shot is present you will have to drive through bone for a good kill shot. In the event you miss hit your intended target you will break them down for a relatively easy tracking job by aiming directly at their shoulder. Sometimes it is better to take home some of the meat than none of the meat. Be wary of head shots and unless you have a steady rest this is really a very risky shot placement option. Wild hogs do not like to stay very still while feeding or traveling. They are a very point to point animal and unlike other animals they do not browse much, they like a meal.

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