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Best Hog hunting in Florida!

Hog Hunting Trophy Boar in Florida

At Florida Wildlife Adventure we offer Trophy Boar Hunting just minutes from Fort Meyers and two hours from both Tampa and Orlando. Stay at our Hunting Lodge and enjoy our great room with large TV, Direct TV, Pool Table and on our screened attached patio we have two picnic tables for relaxing bug free anytime of the year, Sauna, Jacuzzi, outdoor Florida Shower all enclosed for your private pleasure or party.

Just yards from your front door we have some of the finest Hog Hunting in Florida. The property is spotted with Palmetto thickets, Cypress swamps, pine stands, and open fields. Feeders throughout and the natural vegetation on our huge property provides the cover and food necessary to grow really great trophies. So many options for hog hunting they are almost endless. Enjoy a spot and stalk hunt through the brush for a big toothy hog or maybe you are looking for just a meat hog as we have plenty of those as well. Try a swamp buggy safari style hunt where you slowly ride through the property looking for that perfect hog. The buggy has a large platform to shoot from and elevated over six feet in the air this is hog hunting in style. If stand hunting is what you would like to do it makes for a perfect video opportunity. You will see hogs on nearly every sit and enjoy a slower pace hunt. FWA has wooden box blinds at the ten foot range, ladder stands and ground blinds.

360 degree Tree Stand by 360 Treestands
One of our favorites is the 360 Tree stand. The 360 (also known as the Eagles Nest) is 17’ at the steel platform which wraps completely around a tree so you have full ability to completely walk around the tree. Cover over head and two swivel seats provide complete 360 degree coverage. The view is magnificent with an open field in front of you, shots beyond 200 yards at hogs if you choose and from behind you have a closer travel corridor where shots at under 50 yards are common. As a bonus we have a small creek/canal running directly under and out five yards where hogs bed both to your left and right. The 360 Tree stand made by 360 Treestands is the ultimate tree stand hunting product.
Hog Hunting with Dogs
Hog Hunting with dogs is not for everyone but it is how early man survived with his companion. Using a spear, knife and occasionally a pistol we will provide you with an up close and personal hunting experience you will not soon forget. Safety is our main concern and listening to your guide is critical when entering an area where there is a caught hog. Until your guide has been able to control the hog you must be on alert. At any moment the hog could break the grasp of the dogs and will charge at lightening speeds. Once the guide gives the go ahead it is now your job to harvest your hog! This is the ultimate hog hunting experience and if you are into adrenalin filled action then this is for you.
Hog Hunting Free Ranging Wild Hogs
Just minutes from our location possibly could have been ground zero for the entrance to Spanish Feral Hogs in America. This is where Hernando De’ Sotto started one of his first settlements and brought the hogs for food. They reproduce at least twice per year yielding huge populations. This is a premier destination for Wild Hog Hunting in Florida. Our free ranging property is over 6,000 acres with every type of hunting terrain known in Florida from pine stands, Oak hammocks, Cypress swamps, over 50 miles of canals which feed water throughout the landscape. Hunting by box blind, ladder stand, ground blind and dogs is available.
Lodging at our Cowboy Camp 
We offer a cowboy style camp where we have cabins used for bunk house, food prep and lounge area and processing. We have a walk-in cooler, ice and game hoists for skinning and quartering. Food preparation can be provided at a modest additional fee. Be sure to bring a bed roll for your comfort. Our Hunting Lodge is always an option when available so be sure to ask when scheduling your free Ranging hog hunts. Hunting all year long for wild hogs at Florida Wildlife Adventure does not require a license and we offer 2, 3 and 4 day hog hunting adventures. Corporate packages are available for 10, 20 and 30 days of hog hunting whenever you choose to come if available. When staying for a corporate hog hunting package all of your hog hunting trips will be private and never shared with other hunters in camp.
From only
$299 per hunter


STATEWIDE Year-round by all legal rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, crossbows, bows and pistols. Hunting license not required. Wild hogs also may be trapped but cannot be transported alive without permit from the Florida Dept. of Agriculture at 850-410-0900. (D)

Bag Limit: No Limits

Licenses / Permits

Additional Permits and Regulations

Florida Hunting Regulations

Hunting Licenses

Florida Residents and Visitors need a Florida hunting, freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing license unless they are a member of one of the “exempted” groups of people. Your license is required to be with you when you are engaged the licensed activity.

Replacement licenses cost $2

Nonresident hunting license annual – $151.50

Nonresident 10 day – $46.50

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What People Say About Florida Wildlife Adventure

Had an excellent guided trip with Big Jay and Alex. Went out looking for a meat hog but decided after seeing our first trophy to switch it up. Their patience with the hunt and instructions were spot on. These guys run a tight ship but are very easy going and great guys. The lodge is awesome, never judge a book by its cover - may have been a old tractor garage but you would think your in a resort hotel when you get inside! The hunt itself was an awesome experience, better bring good boots and be ready to get down and dirty, these guys do what it takes to put you on the meat and put them on the ground. If you want to go boar hunting in Florida, these are the guys to call.

Jeremy Lukianovich
Jeremy Lukianovich

As someone who has done a fair amount of hunting in Florida, and killed several good hogs.
I have to give props to Big Jay from FWA. He is doing a fantastic job running this hunting and fishing adventure. I brought my buddy from Pa to Florida for his first hog hunt, and we had a great time. Big Jay goes above and beyond to Taylor any hunt. To your needs and wants. My buddy Dave shot his first boar and oh by the way .. We bow hunted some fish for kicks too
Well done Big Jay. We had a blast and hope to be back again!
Les and Dave from Pa

Les Anthony
Les Anthony

I just got back from FWA. My two 13yr Olds hunted with Big J and Alex. What a great trip! They did an awesome job of ""boot-camping"" the kids before the hunt (gun safety, shooting control, stalking, etc). Big J put my daughter on a great first hog. Dropped him with a perfect shot. O. S. O. K. Alex stayed with my boy into the dark and got him an awesome and exciting shot on a pig as he came at them in the dark. The lodge is beautiful. We didn't stay this trip, but we will be back. Thx guys for a great afternoon.

Bryce Contento
Bryce Contento

My 18 year old son and I hunted with Jay and Alex on 12/22/15 and they were great guys. We had a great time, the lodge is awesome. And we got two nice hogs! Very friendly. They do everything possible to give you a successful hunt! Just all around an awesome day, can't wait to go back next year.

Jennifer Atchinson Serviss
Jennifer Atchinson Serviss

This was one heck of a day! Couldn't have packed anymore heart thumping action into it. If your looking for a place to amp up your adrenaline, and just plain have a blast... you would be a fool not to talk to Mr. Mike and Big Jay.
Unforgettable, I'll be back!

Pete Blackburn
Pete Blackburn

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