Hog hunting in Florida

Hog Hunting in Florida

Hog Hunting in Florida at Florida Wildlife Adventure (FWA) gives you an opportunity to experience every terrain feature found in Florida. Being able to experience a true Florida hog hunting trip all in one place is rare. Or first property is made up of about 600 acres with select cut pine stands for very open shots out to 200 yards. Though most of your shots will be within the 75 yard range as all of our hunting is either done from Box Blinds, Ladder Stands, Ground Blinds or Spot and Stalk by feeding stations. We have a Tree Stand called the Eagles Nest which is perched over a large field where hogs routinely feed. Your shots from this stand are 175 yards straight out from the stand and left and right shots to 300 yards along with a vantage point over a funnel just behind you where shots are as close as 20 yards. All of this from a platform built to hold 1,000 pounds and can be walked around completely. The 600 acres also has palmetto fields which at certain times of the year produce nuts for the hogs. Cypress swamps dot the interior for some tough hunting. The 600 Acres also gives us the ability to take you on a swamp buggy hog hunting adventure where you ride about ten feet high and look down into those nasty tangles for the big boys.

Hog Hunting in Florida is so very different from all other states. The main reason is we are ground zero for the introduction of feral hogs and our property is literally a few miles from one of the first settlements where hogs were deposited in the late 1,500’s by the Spanish explorers. Being able to appreciate the strategies, hard work and dedication it takes to hunt hogs in their natural environment really makes this a special place. Now, claiming fame to anything is difficult to do especially animal quality with so many states that now have hogs. On the other hand I hear time and time again about the toothy beasts that are harvested while hog hunting in Florida and I must say there has to be something to that. Our adult hog’s average weight is about 175 pounds but can get to 250 pounds without a problem. Over that it is rare and a true trophy hog no matter the tooth length. Speaking of teeth the average adult male at about 2 years of age will have some pretty good cutters (the bottom teeth on a hog) and our normal trophy will be about 1.5 inches or better. Anything over that is comparable to a 10 point deer. If you get into the six inch range you are getting to a true giant. You see because boar fight for food and love those cutters break more often than you would think. They do grow back very rapidly, about three months after they break you could be looking at another 2 inches and growing. As an all year long adventure, Hog Hunting in Florida is hard to beat.