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Alligator Hog Combo Hunting

Summer breezes and endless stars

All Our Florida gator hunts are conducted on high population Private or Public Land. We cater to your hunting dreams, daytime, nighttime, on land, water, with bow, rifle, fishing pole, or harpoon.

Discover the thrilling and challenging Florida alligator & hog hunting package at Florida Wildlife Adventure!

Our guide is waiting for you to make your hunting weekends unforgettable. You can harvest an alligator, armed by rifle, bow or harpoon. You are able to choose the type of hunt: in a specially equipped pen or at an open area. This offer is just a brilliant opportunity to combine the gator and hog hunt on the weekends. The bigger hunting company – the bigger discount you can get.

Your Alligator Hog Combo Trip includes 2 days/1 night, meals and lodging. We guarantee amazing team spirit, breathtaking hunt and memories that last lifetime.

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$1299 per hunter
$1099 Per hunter!


STATEWIDE Year-round
Meat processing


Meat harvested from your alligator will depend on his size. On average a 9-12 foot alligator produces 15 to 20 pounds, and 4 to 6 foot alligator about 5 pounds. Meat from the tail is the most popular part of the alligator, however the tenderloins, legs, portions around the ribs, and jowls are also worth harvesting. When you are finished hunting, our processor will exchange pound for pound your gator for processed and packaged meat. Also available are items made from alligator skin, like wallets and belts.

If you prefer, you can have your gator processed. You will need to arrange the pick up of your finished meat and taxidermy. Florida Wildlife Adventure does not provide taxidermy or meat processing, but can help you arrange for these services if needed.

Licenses / Permits

Florida Residents and Visitors need a Florida hunting, freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing license unless they are a member of one of the “exempted” groups of people. Your license is required to be with you when you are engaged the licensed activity.

Replacement licenses cost $2

Nonresident hunting license annual – $151.50

Nonresident 10 day – $46.50

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What People Say About Florida Wildlife Adventure

Great Adventure Experience for all ages !!!!!!!!!! Highly Recommended !!!

Irina Maslo
Irina Maslo

One of the best hunting adventure in Florida
Thank you Mike

Aleksey Smolyarenko
Aleksey Smolyarenko

Awesome place and awesome experience. You'll be exhausted from all the fun, joy, the opportunity and activities you and your family will have at Florida Wildlife Adventure. Come check use out

Alex Valdovinos
Alex Valdovinos

Thanks Jay and Alex had a great time. Never thought I would shoot anything with night vision. Loved every hot swampy moment. These guys know what their doing.

Brian Payne
Brian Payne

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